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COVID-19 Updates

Due to COVID-19, our classes are currently running online via Zoom and our private Student Only Facebook Group. At this stage, we have decided to run a half-term (5 weeks) enrolment instead of our usual full term (10 weeks) as we are unsure as to when we will be able to return to our physical classes. 

Perform-Ability With You

We have created "Perform-Ability With You", a YouTube channel with dance lessons designed for our main student groups - Youngstars, Teens & Adults. This channel coincides with the classes taught live via Zoom & Facebook and enables students to continue to dance and practice at their own pace and at any time they choose. 

Private Lessons

As well as online classes, we are also offering private tuition via Zoom at a discounted rate. Private lessons are a fantastic way to work on specific goals with one on one attention with your chosen instructor. (Pending availability.)

Goal Setting Interview

Online interviews are now available for parents and carers to speak with their Perform-Ability instructor about their child / clients goals. Facilitated by Miss Miranda, this 30 minute interview is designed to help us better understand how to help our students accomplish their individualised goals during their class or private lessons. For example, building core strength, strengthening specific joints such as the knees or ankles and improving balance & coordination.


Good news! There are no changes to accepted payment methods. NDIS self and plan managed clients are still able to be invoiced and Active Kids / Creative Kids vouchers are still being accepted. 

Why enrol in the online classes?

Our online classes are tailored to our students and taught with both visual and aural cues. With Zoom, we are able to see our students and give individual corrections and encouragement.

Students on Zoom are also able to see each other and have thoroughly enjoyed our 3 minute talks at the end of class where we have the opportunity to socialise online.

Mini goals are being set during the online classes for each age group and students have been smashing these goals by practicing along with our Perform-Ability With You YouTube channel. 

We want to continue to be there for you.

Perform-Ability relies on enrolments to run our program. Without enrolments, we will not be able to continue to provide classes even after COVID-19 comes to an end. 

We are a small business with ongoing expenses as well as new costs that we have had to bear to be able to adapt to this new way of providing our program. 

We hope that you can see the benefits in our online classes and support Perform-Ability so we can be there for you when you want to return to physical classes!

How To Enrol:

1.  Create an account or login. (see button above)

Create a username, fill out your details as the main parent or carer. The second part of the form will ask for the students information.

There is an option +MORE to add more students from the same family. Please only use this option for students who are related or living with the same family, not for students who are working with the same carer.

Once you have created your account, you will not need to enter your information again unless you change your details. That's right, you can re enrol each term, each year without ever having to enter your details again!

Sign the WAIVER by first clicking Waiver to read it. Then you will be asked to check the box to agree and finally CLICK TO SIGN. 

Click Create Account. 

2. Choose your classes.

To select your classes, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

3. Checkout

To pay directly, you can checkout using Paypal. If you are using vouchers or require an self managed or plan managed invoice to be sent, simply ignore the checkout. An invoice will be sent to you at a later date. 

Active Kids & Creative Kids Vouchers. 

If you will be using a NSW Active or Creative Kids voucher, please enter your voucher number in the NOTES section of your account. Do not proceed to the payment section. We will send you an invoice manually. Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive this.

Plan Managed / Self Managed

To add your Plan Managers email to your account, please use it as the secondary email address. You can find this in your account section when you first create an account or add it later by click your username on the top of this page.

If you are self managed, please add the email address which you would prefer your invoices to go to in the Plan Manager email address in your account. 

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