Code: Saturday June 26th Recital - 2:40pm session
Level: ---
Location: N/A

This is an outdoor recital for the following classes:

Riverbend Tues Hip Hop 6-9yr with Ms Nadia
North Thur Hip Hop 9-15yr with Ms Kyla
North Tues Intermediate Latin & Ballroom 9-15yr with Mr Kevin
North Youth Competitor Ballroom & Latin

Additional performances:
Latin Family Duet with Neil & Kaia Mace
Latin Family Duet with Jamie Witts & Kaida Harrison
Latin Family dance with the Feehan team - Ryan, Andrea, Luke, Isabel & Molly
Hip Hop Duet - Erin & Abby
Latin Duet - Ethan & Ayden

Location: Louise McKinney Riverfront Park - Shumka Stage, 9999 Grierson Hill NW

**The listed cost is a performance fee per student, and it includes entry for a maximum of 3 spectators per performer**

Saturday, 02:40 PM - 45 min.

Price: $35.00 + GST

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