Code: ***Ballet 3-5 y/o Parented Optional (Sep to Dec 2019) Orange Hub
Level: ---
Location: West Orange Hub

11 class session - September 21st to December 21st
(No class: Oct 12, Nov 9, Dec 14)

This program introduces children to the basic ballet concepts. Students will be working on posture, flexibility and coordination in a fun environment.

Session-end Recital:

Please mark your calendars - the recital for this session will be on Saturday Dec 14, 2019 (exact time to be confirmed). All children in our current classes are encouraged to join in and participate so that they can showcase their dances for friends and family!

Ticket prices for the recital range from $23-28 per person; tickets will be available closer to the recital date.

Please note that an additional $55 costume fee will be added to the cost of the class. In the event that you decide not to participate to the recital (please notify the studio within 30 days of the start of the class session), we will refund you the costume fees

Saturday, 10:10 AM - 30 min.

Price: $129.25 + GST

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