Code: BREAK!- A Hip Hop Dance Camp (7-10yr) West
Level: ---
Location: West Pura Vida

July 8th to12th (inclusive) - 5 days
8:30am to 12pm (3 1/2 hr each day)

Registration deadline: June 28th

Looking for a way to have fun, stay fit, and learn some cool moves? Check out "BREAK!" Elite's hip hop dance camp for 7-10 year olds. Campers will be exposed to a variety of styles from poppin', locking, break-dancing, KRUMP, to new age. Beginners and experienced dancers are all welcome to join in this fun activity.
This camp will elevate fun to new levels while increasing skill and coordination, creating exposure to different styles, empowering individual expression and creating a knowledge of the history of hip hop dance. With all of the different activities and choreography, this camp is great no matter what skill level you're at. Come check us out and stay "cool" this summer.

Monday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Tuesday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Wednesday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Thursday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Friday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.

Price: $245.00 + GST

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