Code: Dance Camp August 2023 (6-10 y/o) - West OHub
Level: Beginners
Location: West

August 8 to 11th, 2023
8:30am to 12:00pm

Come join us in our 4-day fun dance camp where children will get to try out the multiple genres of dance! This fun and exciting camp will include hip hop, ballet, Latin & Ballroom, games, and crafts to engage children in many settings.

Each day of this camp is themed!! Come dressed each day based on the daily theme

- Tuesday: Disney Day

- Wednesday: Villain Day

- Thursday: Minions

- Friday: Superhero Day

Tuesday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Wednesday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Thursday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.
Friday, 08:30 AM - 210 min.

Price: $230.00 + GST

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