Code: Hip Hop 9-15 y/o (Sep 6) Open House - OHUB
Level: Beginners
Location: West

*Pre-registration required

This Open House Class will give you a taste of what our classes are like for the fall semester!

This program will focus on teaching various hip hop elements including lockin', poppin', and breakin' to the young dancer. Students will explore this groove-based style and get to dance on popular music. Perfect for kids with lots of energy to burn!

Please note that if you (or your child) are exhibiting any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or runny nose, you should refrain from coming to the studio for class.
If you are exhibiting symptoms and arrive for class, our instructors or staff may be requesting that you do not stay on the premises.

Please note - There are no refunds available for missed class.

Tuesday, 06:50 PM - 30 min.

Price: $10.00 + GST

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