Code: Creative movement 3-5 y/o parented optional (Jul to Aug) - OHub
Level: ---
Location: West Orange Hub

6 class session - July 12th to August 16th

This program introduces children to the basics of dance. In a Fun-filled environment, children will explore movement through music. They will start to become familiar with body awareness, rhythm and learn basic dance steps in different genres while gaining strength and flexibility.

*The minimum age of this class must be met within the term to register.

As per the Alberta Health Services mandate, please note that if you (or your child) are exhibiting any symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or runny nose, you should refrain from coming to the studio for class. If you are exhibiting symptoms and arrive for class, our instructors or staff will be requesting that you do not stay on the premises.

*Please note that we have a no refund policy for cancellations.

Tuesday, 05:00 PM - 35 min.

Price: $85.50 + GST

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