Code: Dance Camp Saturday pass
Level: Beginners
Location: Main - North location

Saturday workshops:
• 9-9:30am Registration
• 9:30-11am Opening up and Connecting to your Core with Tracy Stafford, Yoga & Pilates Instructor
• 11am Ballet technique with Agnieszka Filipek, Ballet Instructor
• 1:15pm Sports Nutrition with Sherry Robertson, Registered Dietitian, Chartered Professional Coach (NCCP Level 4 Certified), Sport Nutrition Consultant
• 2:30pm Lifts & Tricks with Eric Caty & Kelly Lannan, 4th in the World Professional Salsa Cabaret World Championships
• 3:30pm Sexy Flow with Drea Lee, Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Saturday, 09:30 AM - 405 min.

Price: $90.00 + GST

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